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Jury selection is challenging in many respects. Sometimes the parties are not even offered an opportunity to voir dire the prospective jurors and other times are only given a limited time to speak to them.  Making choices about which jurors to strike or keep is undoubtedly stressful.  Our team is skilled and practiced in exactly this area. This is our domain.  We help other law firms in significant injury cases all over the country.  We are able in real-time to research, analyze  and determine an appropriate ranking and rating on each juror. We also conduct jury research, which is one of the most valuable tools for trial lawyers. There are various data sources, including:

Live focus group

A small pool of people narrates the case synopsis as a closing argument. Mock jurors deliberate following the “closing arguments,” answer survey questions, fill out verdict forms, and provide background information.

Online jury research

This technique provides significantly more information that can be used for formulating juror profiles. Online jury research is helpful for providing larger data pools for formulating juror profiles.

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Internet Research for Obtaining Information on Prospective Jurors

A tremendous amount of public information exists on the internet regarding the majority of the population. The jury selection team at The Alvarez Law Firm works tirelessly to obtain and analyze this information for comparing them against predetermined parameters. Internet research provides a richer and fuller picture of prospective jurors that may not be attainable through voir dire alone. 

Social media is a potent source of information. Stemming from this, our jury selection team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the best possible outcome for your case. They go further to uncover potentially useful information through public websites. 

Careful digging can  unearth information on civil cases, liens, bankruptcies, criminal history, and incorporation filings. 

How Does Jury Research Help Your Florida Lawsuit?

Jury research is beneficial in the following ways when done properly:

  • Provides objective data
  • Allows for testing various aspects of a lawsuit
  • Mock juror trials highlight the areas that need to be reframed before trial to make the case more persuasive

The stakes are often millions of dollars or more in trial lawsuits, especially where personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, and product liability are concerned. Jury research helps in identifying the risks associated with a trial that needs to be mitigated or to reach for a settlement (whichever is more beneficial to the client.) Making this decision without proper research would amount to speculation. 

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