Jury selection is the most important phase of a personal injury trial. Individual perspectives and experiences of jury members have a significant impact on the final verdict. The process of jury selection is often completed in a remarkably short time placing significant pressures on the parties.

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Importance of Voir Dire In Florida Lawsuits

Voir dire allows attorneys the opportunity to delve more deeply into the jury panel’s psyche.

Jury selection experts at The Alvarez Law Firm understand the significance of the voir dire process during jury selection. The questions are tailored to match particular issues in individual cases. Prospective jurors’ experiential and attitudinal information is sought by the questions. The voir dire questions are designed to identify hostile jurors.

The Alvarez Law Firm Has Refined the Voir Dire Process

There are several theories regarding the manner in which attorneys should conduct voir dire. This is essentially a singular opportunity to learn about the group of people that play a key role in determining the fate of their client’s case. At The Alvarez Law Firm, we understand that this is an opportunity that should not be wasted.

Our jury selection specialists craft case-specific voir dire questionnaires that are designed to elicit biases, experiences, and attitudes. 

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Choose a Dedicated Trial Attorney That Won’t Leave Jury Selection to Chance

It’s not enough to file a claim – you need to balance the odds of winning in your favor. The team at The Alvarez Law Firm makes personalized selection strategies for individual lawsuits. Our voir dire development services and legal experience have allowed us to attain a solid understanding of the sort of jurors you need and the kind of questions to ask for identifying them. To learn more and schedule your free consultation, call us at 877-445-7675 or fill out this online contact form.

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