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An increasing number of people within Florida, as well as from outside the state, are now visiting Florida’s drug rehab centers each year to benefit from its salubrious climate and healthy environment. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to regulate these facilities for a variety of reasons, and that has led to a growing incidence of corruption and drug rehab negligence in the state.

It's vital that you should be able to identify drug rehab negligence in the facility or the carelessness of a staff member if you or someone you love is a patient at a Florida rehab facility. The highly competent legal team at The Alvarez Law Firm has helped numerous victims of drug rehab negligence win the maximum possible financial compensation they deserve.

Types of Injuries You Can Suffer at a Drug Rehab Center in Florida

With a profit-driven approach to treatment and little regulation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many people trying to fight addiction at drug treatment centers in Florida end up getting severely injured or suffering from side effects and medical complications.

In some cases, it is because of the wrong or inadequate treatment prescribed to them, while in others, it may be the direct result of staff carelessness or cruelty. Premises liability owing to slip-and-fall accidents is also common at drug rehab centers in Florida.

Injury due to drug rehabilitation treatment

  • Addiction medication prescribed by the center’s physicians may interact in highly dangerous and fatal ways with existing prescriptions
  • The rehab center may fail to provide proper care to deal with withdrawal symptoms
  • The patient is allowed to relapse in a controlled environment, which results in terrible consequences

Injury because of a preventable accident at the rehab center

  • Slip-and-fall accident because of wet floor
  • Someone gets hurt because a therapeutic program goes wrong
  • Vehicular accident on the way to an off-site program event
  • One patient causing the injury of another patient

Injury due to rehab center staff action or inaction

Downright inappropriate or reckless actions or errors of omission of staff members may cause serious injuries in some patients. These actions include:

  • Using force to make patients attend program events
  • Neglectful care, which results in relapse or some other injury
  • Sexual abuse
  • Failure to prevent assault by other patients in the rehab center

Some of these injuries may be the result of staff negligence, while others may be owing to criminal or intentional conduct. These actions may lead to serious injuries that no one deserves. You can sue the drug rehab facility in Florida for financial compensation under such circumstances. 

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Drug Rehab Center Negligence in Florida

Alcohol and drug rehab centers usually employ staff consisting of physicians, nurses, and assistants. The facility may be held responsible for negligent retention or supervision if they failed to carry out adequate background checks on their staff members and someone gets hurt because of the negligent actions of the medical care provider.

In a similar fashion, the rehab center may be held generally negligent if an employee fails to follow necessary treatment protocols or clinic regulations. 

Vicarious Liability of Drug Rehab Center Owners and Managers in Florida

Under the doctrine of vicarious liability, one party can be held liable for the unlawful actions of another even if the other party carries their own share of the liability. For instance, a drug rehab center can be vicariously held liable for the negligent actions of an employee if it causes patient injury.

This is according to the legal doctrine whereby employers are responsible for the actions of their employees. This is an essential concept in medical malpractice claims since organizations usually have larger insurance policies and greater financial resources. You may be able to obtain significant compensation to cover your injuries as well as other damages.

Proving Negligence in a Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center Malpractice Case

It can be difficult to prove negligence at a drug or alcohol rehab center because, in most cases, the injuries suffered are emotional and mental instead of being physical. For instance, the staff at the rehab facility may allow you to relapse or make you sleep in your own vomit. Unfortunately, the victims of negligence are required to prove the same elements as regular negligence lawsuits to seek compensation.

You will need to prove that there existed a relationship between you and the staff members at the rehab center and that they owed a duty of care, which was breached. You will need to link the breach of duty with your injuries and subsequent compensable damages. 

Drug Rehab Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Florida

According to the Florida Statutes section, 768.19, the estate of the decedent is allowed to bring a civil suit against another person or entity if their wrongful actions, negligence, breach, or default of contract leads to the death of a person. You may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the rehab center and all other negligent parties if their actions resulted in your loved one losing their life.

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Choose a Skilled and Compassionate Drug Rehab Malpractice Lawyer in Florida to Obtain Maximum Damages

If you or your loved one has sustained a medical injury, complications, and/or pain and suffering because of the negligence of a Florida drug rehabilitation center, the top-rated attorneys at The Alvarez Law Firm can help you obtain your rightful financial compensation.

Our confident and successful drug rehab malpractice attorneys in Florida offer compassionate and empathetic representation to help victims of drug rehab abuse and neglect get swift justice. To set up your free case review with our lawyers today, call us at 877-445-7675 or contact us online.

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