Unfortunately, car manufacturers like Tesla haven’t completely ironed out the various concerns with lithium-ion batteries, automated features, defective components, and software glitches. Undoubtedly, with more autonomous vehicles on the roads, there will be more accidents. The Alvarez Law Firm has decades of combined experience in enabling injured victims of preventable auto accidents to achieve life-changing settlements and verdicts. 

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What is a Self-Driving Car Under the Law?

While fully autonomous vehicles are yet to come on the market, there are vehicles that need only little human oversight. Florida is ahead of its time by making provisions in its laws and creating a Connected Vehicle Initiative to support autonomous cars. 

Fully autonomous vehicles have been defined as automobiles that have been equipped with an automated driving system that can function without a human operator. 

Tesla Car Accidents in Florida

Numerous accidents have occurred in the past few years involving the autopilot feature of Tesla:

  • In 2019, a man was killed in a Tesla Model 3 when the car collided with a tractor-trailer truck near Delray Beach
  • In a 2018 accident, a Tesla Model S owner suffered catastrophic injuries when the autopilot failed to detect a disabled Ford Fiesta on the roadway
  • A man was killed near Gainesville while driving a Tesla Model S in 2016 after the car hit a tractor-trailer at an intersection

Steps to Take if You Are Injured in an Autonomous Car Accident in Florida

Self-driving cars, including Tesla, have unique hazards. If you or someone you love has been injured in an AV vehicle accident, you may be able to hold the automaker responsible in addition to the negligent driver. A confident and considerate autonomous car accident attorney who has been through the legal minefields before and walked away unscathed, with in-depth knowledge of the intricate Florida law, can help you pursue the justice you are entitled to.

You should be able to recover compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills (current and ongoing)
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages

Find out your options today by discussing your claim with a Tesla accident attorney. 

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Florida Follows the No-Fault Doctrine

All car drivers in Florida are required by law to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This no-fault coverage provides compensation to the victims of an accident regardless of who is at fault. You may have grounds for filing a personal injury lawsuit to recover those expenses that may not be covered by the PIP insurance. 
Potentially responsible entities in a self-driving accident can be:

  • Vehicle driver
  • Car manufacturer
  • Car dealer
  • Government entities
  • Designer or engineer
  • Manufacturer of specific automated tech in the car

Choose a Client-Focused Tesla and Autonomous Vehicle Accident Lawyer with a Proven Record of Settlements and Verdicts

If you or someone you love was injured in a self-driving car accident, the skilled and resourceful personal injury attorneys at The Alvarez Law Firm can help. Automated car accident lawsuits can quickly become complex and tough to navigate. Our experience, legal knowledge, and passion work together to help us obtain a favorable outcome for our clients. 

You deserve maximum financial compensation if you suffered injuries or lost a loved one to an autonomous car accident as a result of someone else’s fault. Schedule your free case review with our lawyers today. Call us at 877-445-7675 or contact us online.  

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