The verdicts listed below are not intended to reflect the final disposition of the verdicts. Many of the cases were appealed and some verdicts were overturned. The Alvarez Law Firm will invest the necessary time, energy, and financial resources to attempt to secure the largest possible verdict or settlement for the victims and their families.  

Case Results Over $1,000,000,000 Recovered.

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$18.1 Million – Verdict

Higgs v. R.J. Reynolds

$43 Million – Verdict

Lipp v. Philip Morris

$10.5 Million – Verdict

Principe v. Philip Morris

$7.2 Million – Verdict

Rouse v. R.J. Reynolds

$41 Million – Verdict

Schlefstein v. R.J. Reynolds

$10 Million- Verdict

Howles v. Philip Morris & R.J. Reynolds

$33.5 Million – Verdict

Purdo v. RJ Reynolds & Philip Morris

$46 Million – Verdict

Ryan v. RJ Reynolds

$7 Million – Verdict

Leviston v. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent)

$14.5 Million – Verdict

Merino v. Philip Morris

10.5 Million – Verdict

McCoy v. Philip Morris

$13.5 Million – Verdict

Larkin V. RJ Reynolds

$21 Million – Verdict

Estate of Schleider v. R.J Reynolds

$17.4 Million – Verdict

Estate of McKeever v. Philip Morris USA

$10 Million – Verdict

Estate of Crawford v. R.J Reynolds

$5.0 Million – Verdict

Estate of Cheeley v. R.J Reynolds

$1.5 Million – Verdict

Estate of Sherman v. R.J Reynolds

$45 Million – Verdict

Estate of Alexander v. Lorrilard Tobacco Co.

$40.5 Million – Verdict

Estate of Schoeff v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.

$30.0 Million- Verdict

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co et al- Tobacco Litigation

$24.0 Million – Verdict

Phillip Morris USA - Tobacco Litigation

$8.5 Million – Settlement

Ballard v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

$8.25 Million – Settlement

Auto Negligence- Brain-Damaged Single Mother- Case settled 2nd week of trial

$8.0 Million-Verdict

Philip Morris USA - Tobacco Litigation

$6.8 Million – Verdict

Coral Gables Hospital – Patient bled to death after surgery.

$6.3 Million- Settlement

Product Liability - Prescription Drug caused Heart Attacks & Strokes in clients

$6 Million- Settlement

Estate of Marotta v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.

$5.2 Million – Verdict

Alamo Rental Car - failed to warn of dangerous areas. Client shot by robbers.

$3.0 Million- Settlement

Mother suffered brain damage after childbirth due to negligence of the hospital.

$2.1 Million – Settlement

Workplace Negligence - Wrongful Death

$1.9 Million- Settlement

Drug Company - Drug Caused Liver Failure

$1.75 Million – Settlement

Hospital - Birth Injury

$1.6 Million – Settlement

Emergency Room - Missed Serious Heart Condition

$1.55 Million - Verdict

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.- Tobacco Litigation

$1.5 Million - Verdict

Surgeon - Mistakenly Cut the Facial Nerve

$1.5 Million - Settlement

Death of Mother Following Delivery of Baby

$1.4 Million - Settlement

The Emergency Room Failed to Diagnose a Lumbar Fracture

$1.45 Million – Settlement

Neuro-Surgeon Botched Surgery Causes Blindness One Eye

$1.2 Million - Settlement

Auto Negligence- Death

$1,000,000.00 - Settlement

Prescription Drug Caused Stroke

$1,000,000.00 – Verdict

Night Club Shooting - No Security for Patron

$1,000,000.00 - Settlement

Auto Negligence - Death

$800,000.00 – Settlement

Auto Negligence 20-Year-Old Disfigured Foot in an Accident by a Careless Driver

$750,000.00 - Settlement

Medication Error-Causes Respirator Failure

$750,000.00 - Settlement

Auto Negligence-19 Year Old Seriously Injured by a Drunk Driver

$750,000.00 - Settlement

Clinic - Missed Bladder Cancer

$700,000.00- Settlement

Over the Counter Drug-Caused Heart Damage

$700,000.00 – Settlement

Hospital - Misdiagnosis of Heart Attack

$681,000.00 - Verdict

Gas Station - No Security Resulted in the Murder

$675,000.00 - Settlement

Pilot Injured Foot by Airport Vehicle

$600,000.00 - Settlement

Oncologist - Negligence in Treating a Cancer Patient

$600,000.00 - Settlement

Cardiologist - Missed Heart Condition Resulting in M.I.

$579,000.00 - Verdict

FEC Railroad - Faulty Crossing Gate Struck Motorcyclist

$525,000.00 - Settlement

Hospital Nurse Negligently Administered the Wrong Medication

$500,000.00 - Settlement

Contact Lens Solution Caused Damage to the Eye

$500,000.00- Settlement

Hospital - Medical Malpractice

$500,000.00 - Verdict

Police Academy - Cadet Accidentally Shot by an Instructor in Hand

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