Exactech has come under scrutiny after it was reported that its hip, knee, and ankle replacement devices were not properly sealed in vacuum or oxygen-resistant bags. This slight may result in serious health complications, including pain, inflammation, and even joint failure. 

What is the Exactech Recall?

Exactech is a leading medical device company specializing in the manufacture of hip, ankle, and knee replacement devices. The Florida-based company issued a recall for over 147,000 implants used during hip, knee, and ankle replacement surgeries in February 2022. The recall was made throughout the United States for devices manufactured between 2004 and the present day.

The recall is for those devices that were packaged in non-conforming or out-of-specification vacuum bags. It was discovered that these devices may be associated with the following:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Joint failure
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Understanding the Exactech Recall Lawsuit

Exactech hip replacements use polyethylene inserts, which may degrade prematurely when not packed properly. This usually results in the need for additional hip revision surgery procedures. Payouts may be available for patients that received the following hip replacement models:

  • Exactech Alteon 
  • Exactech Novation
  • Exactech BIOLOXdelta

Exactech lawsuits allege that there was a lack of proper packaging for polyethylene inserts sold with various hip, knee, and ankle replacements. The defective vacuum bags allowed oxygen to diffuse the plastic insert before it could be implanted.

It is alleged that this may have increased the risk of:

  • Accelerated joint wear
  • Bone loss
  • Debris production
  • Additional revision surgery
  • Cracking, fracture, or component fatigue

Exactech lawsuit settlements and financial compensation may be available to you even if you haven’t experienced any problems with the recalled hip implant. 

Has My Hip Replacement Failed?

Patients may suffer the following complications owing to device failure:

  • Pain 
  • Stiffness
  • Joint pain and weakness
  • Ambulatory problems
  • Revision surgery
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Exactech is Trying to Suppress Patient Rights in Florida

Exactech has hired Broadspire, a third-party company, following the FDA recall to get in touch with patients that have its recalled products. The sole purpose of Broadspire is to understand the number of patients experiencing complications and in need of revision surgery. Broadspire will offer to compensate for the revision surgery if applicable.

 However, patients are being asked to waive their rights to any future legal action. This includes suing Exactech for any additional expenses and pain and suffering. You need to understand that the two companies are keeping the manufacturer’s best interests at the forefront. 

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You are in the Hands of a Fighter: Get Legal Representation from a Formidable Defective Medical Products Lawyer in Florida

You may be eligible for filing a lawsuit for getting a faulty medical device that caused your injury or complications. If you or someone you care about has experienced pain or complications with your Exactech knee, ankle, or hip replacement device, you should speak with the experienced products liability attorneys at The Alvarez Law Firm. 
Don’t wait to be compensated for the risks the company took with your health and life. Speak with a tough and tenacious product liability attorney at the Alvarez Law Firm today at no upfront cost to you. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 877-445-7675 or fill out this online contact form.

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