The Hidden Consequences of Smoking

In past decades, smoking was a ubiquitous feature of daily life, shown in movies, on TV, and even in comic books. It was permissible to smoke on planes, in eating establishments, at work, and even around kids. Famous celebrities and actors smoked rampantly, and their images were plastered on billboards across America. Indeed, smoking seemed to be the American Way.

The dark secret, of course, was the damage that smoking was causing in terms of disastrous health issues, cancer, and addiction. Many families suffered the repercussions of having their loved ones affected by tobacco, paying the highest price in terms of loss of companionship and loss of livelihood.

Woman sitting in a coffee shop, smoking

Decades of Deceit

While warnings finally appeared on cigarettes in 1965, the text merely said smoking could be harmful to one's health. It didn't say anything about cancer. This vague language allowed many people to go on smoking, incurring further damage to their bodies and their lives. Finally, in the 80s, the warning message began to focus more specifically on the dangers of cancer. However, for over 50 years, tobacco businesses have minimized and denied the real harm of smoking and how addictive nicotine could be. For decades, the public has issued lawsuits against Big Tobacco with little success. In the 2000s, however, documents were leaked from a tobacco company showing a blatant conspiracy to conceal the highly addictive and even fatal outcome of their products.

Choosing a Law Firm That Can Battle Big Tobacco and Win

The Alvarez Law Firm represents smokers, both current and former, who suffered from the outright lies of Big Tobacco, not comprehending the enormous cost of using nicotine products in terms of their health and well-being. We represent those who were lied to, manipulated, and betrayed by American tobacco firms that carelessly put profit before human lives.

Our firm currently has partnered with Cook County clients who smoked a pack a day in previous decades and were diagnosed with cancer of the throat, neck, or head. If you or your friends or family have been diagnosed with cancer of the tongue, oral cavity, head, neck, or throat (pharyngeal or laryngeal) related to your smoking, our firm can help you.

Because Big Tobacco firms have years of experience with manipulating the legal system to avoid responsibility, it takes a team of highly skilled trial attorneys who understand the complex ins and outs of tobacco cases to make an impact and demand justice for you and your loved ones. Our knowledgeable lawyers can help you obtain fair compensation for your suffering and struggles. We will gather the necessary evidence, delve into the details of your case, and put together a powerful strategy to take down the tobacco companies that allowed greed to come before their humanity.

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