May 23, 2007

In a combination of trials and negotiated settlements, the Alvarez Law Firm successfully recovered $2.2 million in awards to clients in the last 30 days. A jury awarded $1 million to the mother of young adult that was killed during a robbery attempt as he left a Miami night club. The club was located in a high crime area and was found responsible for failing to provide adequate security.

A hospital paid $600,000 to the family of a cancer patient that died of leukemia, because the hospital neglected proper protocols in failing to test the leukemia patient’s family as potential bone marrow donors.

Emergency Room doctors settled for $350,000 for failing to properly diagnose a patient who had suffered a head trauma in a fall. The doctors negligently prescribed blood thinning drugs that caused a massive cerebral hemorrhage.

An Orthopedic surgeon settled for $160,000 for failing to diagnose an arm fracture in a minor child.

A driver’s insurance company settled for $100,000 policy limits with motorcyclist for causing compound fractures to the arm and severe road rash.

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