MRI Contrast Causing Signature Kidney Disease

Jun 18, 2007

Gadolinium MRI Contrast could be causing serious injuries and even death. The Alvarez Law Firm is investigating potential cases involving patients who suffer from Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy(NSF). NFS/NFD is a disease that did not exist until 1997, when gadolinium came into widespread use as a contrast medium used in MRI scans. NSF/NFD is a signature disease caused by gadolinium. Gadolinium does not exist naturally in the body. There is no recognized, successful treatment for NSF/NFD and the disease usually gets worse over time and can be crippling or fatal. Gadolinium toxicity risk has been known to the manufacturers for years, and they made no effort to warn patients or doctors until June 2006.

There is no consistently successful treatment for NSF, although improving renal function (by any means) seems to slow or arrest NSF (and in many cases allows for gradual reversal of the process over time). Treatments that have been tried and continue to be investigated include: oral steroids (prednisone), topical Dovonex (under occlusion), extracorporeal photopheresis (ECP), plasmapheresis, Cytoxan, Thalidomide, ultraviolet therapy, Physical therapy, Pentoxifyllin, high dose Intravenous Ig therapy, and renal transplantation. In June of 2006, the FDA sent out advisories to Health Care Providers concerning gadolinium and NSF/NFD. If you have a client that has been diagnosed with this disease please call our Florida Kidney Disease Attorneys at 305/444-7675.


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